Practice Areas

NeunerPate offers exceptional and industry-specific legal insight based on more than 25 years of practicing corporate litigation. Whether our client is a large corporation or a small business owner, and whether their case entails a complex class action or a simple commercial transaction, NeunerPate provides informed legal counsel and service with our client’s best interest in mind.

Many of our cases are complex and encompass multiple jurisdictions and practice areas. A benefit of working with our firm is that each of our attorneys is skilled and knowledgeable in their area(s) of practice, and equally comfortable working together as a unified team for multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional cases. Our close communication, streamlined legal processes and business efficiencies are a natural outcome of our tight group dynamic. Our ability to work together efficiently is due to firm attorneys having mutual respect for one another and upholding a cohesive mission of dedication to the client.

Admiralty & Maritime

Admiralty and maritime law is the foundation of NeunerPate, and our clients have been relying on NeunerPate’s maritime experience and insight for more than 30 years. Maritime-related legal cases are rarely simple, and from Jones Act Seamen claims to maritime liens, we’ve seen it all.

Our experience in maritime and admiralty cases encompasses situations of mediating, agreeable settlements or going to trial; we have established relationships with technical specialists, proactive investigative methodologies, and a thorough understanding of the internal processes of the various industries that operate under maritime law. This has been especially apparent during our successful handling of cases pertaining to the Deepwater Horizon incident.

If you or your business needs maritime counsel or representation, NeunerPate can help.

Aviation Litigation

NeunerPate offers superior legal defense to private, commercial, cargo and helicopter aviation companies, as well as to adjusters and insurance companies. Due to our proximity to several heliports and airports and the air transportation necessary for the oil and gas, healthcare and farming industries, the aviation litigation practice firm has grown substantially, and our experience, professional reputation and technical contacts within the aviation industry benefits our clients.

Over the years we have addressed all manner of legal issues and litigation related to aviation, from personal injury or casualty suits to property damage claims, environmental class actions and insurance coverage disputes.

NeunerPate’s recent aviation casework ranges from the drafting and negotiation of an insurance policy for a large aviation company to providing defensive litigation for a pending, aviation-related, toxic torts, multi-district case involving Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans.

Business / Commercial

The attorneys of NeunerPate offer legal counsel related to the operational protection and transactions of business entities as well as litigation services when violations to existing business agreements occur. This includes the formation of new companies and partnerships and all the documentation as related thereof to the drafting and enforcement of employment contracts as well as arbitration of commercial disputes or providing defensive litigation.

Our proactive strategies protects our clients, their business and limits their liability. Protective employment policies, manuals that clearly define training and procedures, master service agreements and non-compete contracts are all common preemptive documentation we draft to protect our clients as their businesses develop and grow.

We understand the intricacies of business law – from how transactional document language translates to the courtroom, to providing sound counsel to obtain the most beneficial risk allocation designed to indemnify the owner.

Our formidable skills in commercial litigation allow us the protective insight to address a long-term strategy toward protecting our clients’ assets, whether they are individually owned businesses or national corporations. The representation of a major credit card company defending Fair Credit Reporting, Truth in Lending and Billing Act claims is a current example of our litigation abilities.

Class Action

NeunerPate’s senior partners handle class actions and complex litigation cases. Known for their dedication and experience, they remain available to our clients 24/7, and are often contacted in the middle of the night for emergency situations. Immediately responsive, NeunerPate attorneys will travel to the site of emergency to conduct interviews, contact technical and environmental specialists, and collect the data necessary to determine whether a client is exposed to liability in the situation, even before litigation begins.

NeunerPate typically handles five to six multi-district litigation cases at any given time. We work with state and federal regulatory agencies, organizations such as OSHA and are therefore knowledgeable about each of their varying penalty and regulatory compliance issues.

That familiarity with and undertaking of these complicated regulatory procedures provides peace of mind for our clients; it is the reason why we have built such a trustworthy reputation, why they continue to return for our services, and why we continue to grow our business from their referrals.

NeunerPate represented Allen Parish before the Louisiana Supreme Court regarding the issues of class certification in the Oakdale City Flood Class Action. We convinced the Louisiana Supreme Court to narrow criteria for which a class could be qualified for class proceedings, a staunch victory for all defendants in class actions. This case is cited as the turning point for how courts view class certification requests.

Notable class actions handled by NeunerPate:

  • Multi-district litigation defending companies all over the country regarding Chinese drywall in New Orleans
  • Ongoing representation of levy district from thousands of Katrina suits
  • Well blow-out in New Iberia defending Assumption Parish and St. Martin Parish
  • Multiple class actions related to Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans.

Employment/Labor Law

NeunerPate regularly acts as counsel for employers involved with employment and labor law cases. We have accumulated significant experience in interpreting and construing state and federal statutes and case law in such areas as employment discrimination; sexual harassment; employee benefits; whistleblower litigation; wrongful discharge; and employment contracts.

The firm uses its business and litigation experience to assist clients to take pre-emptive measures in avoiding litigation by reviewing employment policies and guidelines, as well as employee handbooks and training manuals. Firm attorneys also educate clients on new developments in employment law, enabling clients to avoid issues of non-compliance presented by the ever-changing realm of this discipline, both at the state and federal levels.

In the face of litigation, NeunerPate provides superior knowledge and experience navigating the complex set of federal and state mandates in order to afford our client the best protection possible. Post-resolution, our attorneys follow up with administrative procedures and documentation of practices, both internally and for external policies in order to minimize future exposure to liability.

Requests for NeunerPate’s training seminars for corporate responsibility regarding employment discrimination — including sexual harassment, race and age – have increased dramatically as corporate clients strive to remain compliant and current. Clients who retain the firm for employment & labor law services include a national retail chain, the State of Louisiana and its various agencies thereof, insurance companies, adjusters and a variety of oil & gas related companies. Our attorneys regularly provide defense and counsel for matters including personal injury claims, workers’ compensation claims, discrimination suits and a myriad of unique employment issues.

Environmental & Toxic Torts

The attorneys of NeunerPate handle cases in environmental law and toxic torts involving alleged exposure to toxins, forms of energy and devices including asbestos, chemicals, hazardous waste, medical products/devices, pesticides and radiation.

Environmental and toxic torts are frequently multi-jurisdictional, complex cases that arise out of emergencies involving multiple parties, companies and potential victims, such as a collapse of a rig or a trail derailment. Our clients know they can rely on our availability, 24/7, for any emergency that arises. After getting contacted by a client or client risk allocation team at the time of an incident, no matter what the hour, NeunerPate attorneys take prompt, responsive action including traveling to the accident site, conducting interviews with survivors and contacting environmental specialists. These time-sensitive actions allows us to, often within days, determine whether or not the client has any potential exposure for liability – even before litigation begins.

In an effort to help our clients avoid litigation, and proactively minimize litigation, NeunerPate provides client education on environmental legislation and other developments in the state and federal governments and a wide range of business communities pertaining to environmental concerns.

After an assessment, the firm provides professional and skilled representation and council to clients who require protective measures in the face of litigation, including addressing procedures with state and federal governmental agencies and offices to address different penalty and compliance issues. The firm also advises policyholders on whether pollution investigation and cleanup costs are covered by general liability and environmental impairment liability (EIL) insurance.

Some examples of environmental and toxic tort cases our firm has handled or currently handles include:

  • Mass torts representing New Orleans levy cases
  • Train derailment in Lafayette
  • Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans


Whether you’re an insurance company who has denied coverage and is now facing litigation or a company who needs counsel regarding errors and omissions insurance contract enforcement, NeunerPate endeavors to always provide our clients superior and unmatched legal services, paired with an ethical professional standard that ensures we uphold honest billing practices and cost-consciousness on behalf of the client.

Our clients have ranged from workers’ compensation insurers to homeowners insurance companies facing Hurricane Katrina litigation, and comprehensive insurance companies to those who specialize in automobile coverage. We have worked with national companies who contract with us for our litigation experience and regional contacts, and we are equally available to offer direct representation for a client or in conjunction with a client’s in-house counsel.

Whether an adjuster, familiar with the quality of work put forth by our firm, refers us to a new client or a client is one with whom we’ve worked for years, the level of service and communication provided by firm attorneys is consistent.

We have built an impeccable reputation throughout the judicial community for our professional and responsive communication, our passion and experience for courtroom litigation, our keen analysis to assess the presence or absence of client liability and the level of integrity we bring to each client relationship.

NeunerPate has represented insurance brokers and agents in a wide variety of actions alleging errors and omissions involving various types of insurance policies. We are experienced with measures to protect the corporation, its officers, directors and employees from claims. We also have extensive experience representing primary, excess and life insurers and claims management organizations in negligence, fraud and bad faith actions.

For brokers and agents whom we defend against an insurance company, we offer peace of mind by taking on the role of problem solver. Our clients find that we are open and consistent with communications, keeping them apprised of every change or development in a case; no inquiry or phone call goes unaddressed. We find building personal relationships with clients easy because we realize we are in the business of servicing our clientele. The foundation to that service is professional responsiveness.

The firm understands the complexity of liability issues that insurance agents and brokers face, and bring all of our years of experience, including the cases we have brought before the Supreme Court, into our arsenal when facing litigation.

It is our experience and ability to alleviate the problems facing our clients that keeps them loyal; they pass along referrals without reservation. Our clients recognize that the level of service and professional counsel NeunerPate provides will always be honest and in their best interest.

Litigation and Appeals

NeunerPate represents and advises clients who are or might become involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute. Our experienced trial attorneys successfully pursue and resolve litigation matters ranging from complex commercial and corporate issues to plaintiff personal injury claims. Whether appearing before a judge and jury or practicing the art of appellate advocacy, firm attorneys use their litigation skills to promote the client’s interests and secure the client’s success.

We are not afraid to take on difficult cases and have handled cases that went through numerous rounds of appeals in both state and federal courts.

Our depth of experience protects our clients and ensures their interests are promoted throughout the appellate process. The firm’s litigation experience also enables it to aid clients in constructing effective strategies aimed at preventing, managing and/or settling claims.

Over the years the firm has developed a professional reputation with the judicial system, and takes pride in the thorough research, keen analytical skills, quality of written documentation, and forthright candor on which our outstanding reputation is based. Our trial attorneys feel true passion for their professional responsibilities, and understand the magnitude of their role in protecting, pursuing and defending the interests and rights of each of our clients.

The firm has established a reputation for excellence in the following areas:
  • Personal Injury and Property Damage Defense
  • Product Liability Litigation
  • Worker’s Compensation Defense
  • Environmental and Toxic Torts
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Insurance Agent Errors & Omissions
  • Healthcare Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Securities Arbitration
  • Employment and Discrimination Defense
  • City and Municipality Defense


NeunerPate is skilled in the defense of claims against municipalities and other governmental entities. We are familiar with the many unique procedural provisions of government tort laws.

We serve city and parish governments, law enforcement agencies, air and water quality districts, school districts, public service districts, law enforcement officers and public utilities.

The range of legal issues we have addressed includes cases involving voting rights; zoning; shootings by police officers; detainment by unreasonable force; civil rights violations; litigation from the Sugar Cane Festival riot; as well as ongoing litigation on behalf of the Levy district from thousands of cases from Hurricane Katrina.

Personal Injury

NeunerPate is routinely involved in the defense of a variety of injury claims, including maritime and occupational injury claims. In the field of premises liability, we have represented nationally known businesses in defending the claims of business invitees and licensees ranging from minor accidents to serious injuries and death. We have also represented numerous small businesses and private individuals in premises liability claims.

We are not afraid to take on difficult cases and have handled cases that went through numerous rounds of appeals in both state and federal courts.

Our depth of experience protects our clients and ensures their interests are promoted throughout the appellate process. The firm’s litigation experience also enables us to aid clients in constructing effective strategies aimed at preventing, managing and/or settling claims.

From small claims adjusting agencies to international oil and gas drilling contractors, NeunerPate remains consistent in offering responsive and professional communication and the highest level of professional ethics, building long-term relationships with clients that are based on trust and respect.

Products Liability Litigation

NeunerPate represents manufacturers, distributors and sellers, as well as designers, in defending a wide variety of product-related claims for personal injury, property damage and breach of warranty.

Our experience includes defending and litigating on behalf of companies from all over the country. Our firm regularly handles five to six complex class actions at any given time.

We are not intimidated by any case, regardless of its level of difficulty, complexity or size.

The secret of our success is our unique team dynamic, which allows us to easily integrate the skills and knowledge of attorneys across all practice disciplines, creating the perfect litigation team to address the unique aspects and jurisdiction of each client’s case.

The firm’s access to a variety of technical specialists, efficient business practices, experience collecting data necessary for court documentation and the skills of our trial attorneys all provide for the best representation for our clients. We have a history of aggressively and successfully defending safe products. Our litigation experience also enables us to aid clients in constructing effective and protective defenses aimed at preventing, managing and/or settling claims.

Workers Compensation

NeunerPate maintains a personal injury defense practice devoted to workers’ compensations cases and issues. Our experienced attorneys offer clients counsel on the complex jurisdictional issues surrounding changes in employment law and the changing definitions of injured parties as they relate to Jones Act seamen, longshoremen under the LHWCA, or employees who fall under statutory state workers’ compensation benefits, even before claims may be filed. We also advise clients about insurance coverage issues and disputes.

Our experience in the area of workers’ compensation allows us to succinctly analyze a claim, assuage the level of liability, and in accordance with the goal of a client, determine a course that will be in the best interest of their business.

Our professional integrity ensures that our clients receive the best possible legal counsel, with realistic assessments based on our vast experience in employment law as it applies to different industries.

We strive to resolve issues early with the least amount of impact to the client’s business. In the case of a wrongful claim, the firm relies on the litigation skills of our seasoned trial attorneys to secure a summary judgment for workers’ compensation fraud.