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Professional Recruiting

From the interdisciplinary teams that are gathered in order to offer clients the best legal knowledge-source possible, to the collective participation in charitable community work undertaken by firm members, NeunerPate embodies a work culture that is rather unique to our industry.

Our collective mission is service to our clients, but individually we provide that service with a deep sense of integrity, responsibility and respect toward the client – as well as to each other.

Candidates who are interested in our firm should have professional and personal goals that aligns with our mission and corporate philosophies, although we do appreciate diversity in personality types as it signals diversity in skills. A prospective candidate MUST have an underlying motivation that is in line with our collective dedication to the client, as well as our dedication to the firm, and to all members within it.

Our two sources for recruitment:


Formal 6-week clerkship program for law school students:

  • Applicants are interviewed/recruited from LSU and Southern campuses; from solicitation letters that are sent to Tulane and Loyola; as well as from independent, written inquiries.
  • This summer clerkship closely mirrors our associates program, where firm members interact and work with clerks on a personal and professional basis.


Written inquiries and referrals. Oftentimes, the firm hires former judicial law clerks or other experienced attorneys who wish to make a lateral move and get referred to our firm.

Our firm boasts a team-based environment, where senior partners act as mentors to associates. Because of this, even when a specific partner is not available to answer a question, associates are welcome to seek the guidance of any partner, whether or not they are affiliated with a case.

We are proud to have cultivated a very close, deeply loyal and supportive network within our firm, and we strive to protect that identity by adding team members who will also uphold our ideals of trust and respect. If you feel you would be a good candidate, please contact us or submit a resume.

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