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Firm lawyers share in “Louisiana Election Lawyers” Effort

NEW ORLEANS, SHREVEPORT and LAFAYETTE, La. – NeunerPate is pleased to announce that its lawyers is collaborating with attorneys around the state to jointly promote election law compliance and practice in advance of the November 2020 elections.

The lawyers have come together to share expertise, resources, and years of know-how in this timely practice area of Election Law. They are not forming a new firm, required to share referrals or engage in any fee sharing.

“We’re joining together to share research, briefs, and statewide coverage of these important constitutional and access cases,” said Tom Arceneaux, of the Shreveport, La. Blanchard Walker law firm.

The group includes Jeffrey Coreil of the NeunerPate firm in Lafayette, Mr. Arceneaux and his partner William Bradford, Jr., in Shreveport, and Scott Sternberg and Abid Hussain of Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

“These are lawyers who know the election code and the case law well enough to try a case, argue an en banc appeal, and take Supreme Court writs within the span of 10 days,” said Sternberg. “That’s a tough ask, and it requires a group effort. Our group will be an invaluable sounding board and support system.”

With statewide coverage, the group will offer flat and hourly rates to candidates and their committees in the areas of election challenges, disqualification prosecution and defense, libel and privacy, and ethics questions.

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