Environmental & Toxic Torts

The attorneys of NeunerPate handle cases in environmental law and toxic torts involving alleged exposure to toxins, forms of energy and devices including asbestos, chemicals, hazardous waste, medical products/devices, pesticides and radiation.

Environmental and toxic torts are frequently multi-jurisdictional, complex cases that arise out of emergencies involving multiple parties, companies and potential victims, such as a collapse of a rig or a trail derailment. Our clients know they can rely on our availability, 24/7, for any emergency that arises. After getting contacted by a client or client risk allocation team at the time of an incident, no matter what the hour, NeunerPate attorneys take prompt, responsive action including traveling to the accident site, conducting interviews with survivors and contacting environmental specialists. These time-sensitive actions allows us to, often within days, determine whether or not the client has any potential exposure for liability – even before litigation begins.

In an effort to help our clients avoid litigation, and proactively minimize litigation, NeunerPate provides client education on environmental legislation and other developments in the state and federal governments and a wide range of business communities pertaining to environmental concerns.

After an assessment, the firm provides professional and skilled representation and council to clients who require protective measures in the face of litigation, including addressing procedures with state and federal governmental agencies and offices to address different penalty and compliance issues. The firm also advises policyholders on whether pollution investigation and cleanup costs are covered by general liability and environmental impairment liability (EIL) insurance.

Some examples of environmental and toxic tort cases our firm has handled or currently handles include:
  • Mass torts representing New Orleans levy cases
  • Train derailment in Lafayette
  • Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans