Class Action/MDL Cases

NeunerPate’s senior partners handle class actions and complex litigation cases. Known for their dedication and experience, they remain available to our clients 24/7, and are often contacted in the middle of the night for emergency situations. Immediately responsive, NeunerPate attorneys will travel to the site of emergency to conduct interviews, contact technical and environmental specialists, and collect the data necessary to determine whether a client is exposed to liability in the situation, even before litigation begins.

NeunerPate typically handles five to six multi-district litigation cases at any given time. We work with state and federal regulatory agencies, organizations such as OSHA and are therefore knowledgeable about each of their varying penalty and regulatory compliance issues.

That familiarity with and undertaking of these complicated regulatory procedures provides peace of mind for our clients; it is the reason why we have built such a trustworthy reputation, why they continue to return for our services, and why we continue to grow our business from their referrals.

NeunerPate represented Allen Parish before the Louisiana Supreme Court regarding the issues of class certification in the Oakdale City Flood Class Action. We convinced the Louisiana Supreme Court to narrow criteria for which a class could be qualified for class proceedings, a staunch victory for all defendants in class actions. This case is cited as the turning point for how courts view class certification requests.

Notable class actions handled by NeunerPate:
  • Multi-district litigation defending companies all over the country regarding Chinese drywall in New Orleans
  • Ongoing representation of levy district from thousands of Katrina suits
  • Well blow-out in New Iberia defending Assumption Parish and St. Martin Parish
  • Multiple class actions related to Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans.