Practice Areas

NeunerPate offers exceptional and industry-specific legal insight based on more than 25 years of practicing corporate litigation. Whether our client is a large corporation or a small business owner, and whether their case entails a complex class action or a simple commercial transaction, NeunerPate provides informed legal counsel and service with our client’s best interest in mind.

Many of our cases are complex and encompass multiple jurisdictions and practice areas. A benefit of working with our firm is that each of our attorneys is skilled and knowledgeable in their area(s) of practice, and equally comfortable working together as a unified team for multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional cases. Our close communication, streamlined legal processes and business efficiencies are a natural outcome of our tight group dynamic. Our ability to work together efficiently is due to firm attorneys having mutual respect for one another and upholding a cohesive mission of dedication to the client.

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