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NeunerPate’s (formerly Laborde & Neuner) Corporate Culture Highlighted

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 in News

NeunerPate (formerly Laborde & Neuner) is proud of its unique firm culture of service to our clients, the community, and the legal profession.  In fact, the firm’s stated mission is to always provide the best in legal defense and counsel to our clients while upholding the highest standards in ethics and professionalism.  The firm’s implementation and our attorneys’ commitment to this culture was cited by BBR Creative, a Lafayette, Louisiana brand communications agency, as an example for other companies to follow.

In a two-part article posted to their website (Links: Part I & Part II), BBR noted how NeunerPate’s (formerly Laborde & Neuner) culture of helping others ” . . . lies at the heart of everything they do, from how they interact with one another and their clients to how they spend free time away from the firm. It shows how brand culture, when done well, can differentiate a company from competitors who offer the same services, have comparative experience or the same level of professional success.”  The firm’s mission is embraced and followed by all of the attorneys, from the managing partner to the newest associate.  This is made possible by recruiting candidates who share the firm’s goals and are committed to working together for the good of the clients and community.  By offering summer clerkships to promising law students, we are able to ensure we hire professionals who ” . . .share the principles upon which [our] tight, family-like structure is built. While the firm values diversity, all candidates must in some way embody the firm’s culture of helping others, because trust is crucial to working well in teams.”

In addition to working together, the firm also recruits attorneys who are committed to the community as well.  “As a corporate entity, NeunerPate’s (formerly Laborde & Neuner) embraces its brand culture by integrating volunteerism as part of its billable workday. The pro bono cases undertaken by firm attorneys are given the same weight in priority and attention as any paying client’s.”  In addition to our pro bono work, which has been recognized by the state and local bar associations, our attorneys “. . . are entrenched in initiatives to preserve, educate, assist, build, develop or improve their profession and our community.”  These initiatives include the 705, United Way of Acadiana, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana, Habitat for Humanity, and many others.

 Most tellingly, BBR noted that:

NeunerPate’s (formerly Laborde & Neuner) company culture of helping others is apparent in their treatment of clients. From the quick turnaround time in replying to all client phone calls to the on-site appearance they make for emergency situations at any time, day or night, the attorneys prove how highly they value their clients. Through their actions, Laborde & Neuner communicates how committed they are to helping others professionally.

NeunerPate (formerly Laborde & Neuner) is proud of our culture and will continue to serve our clients, our community, and our profession in as many ways as possible.


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